Founded in 1994 to service the growing need for offshore rental cranes and expert lifting solutions in the offshore oil fields of Asia, for the past 25 years we have been passionate about two things: adding value to our clients' projects and pushing the boundaries of engineering in offshore lifts.

Today Thunder Cranes continues to do what we are passionate about, and the results are evident in the equipment and people we deploy to some of the toughest challenges in the offshore oil and gas industry.

The evolution of our proprietary crane technology has enabled Thunder Cranes to stay on the leading edge of efficiency and safety in the offshore rental crane business. We employ a self-lifting system that allows even our largest cranes to be rigged up on platforms where there is no existing lifting capability, with fast installation times that continues to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Whether in support of well-services, facility engineering, helideck skidding or platform decommissioning, the performance of our highly experienced personnel, together with our unique self-lifting cranes present an opportunity for clients to optimise uptime and minimise operating costs without compromising safety.



  • To be the leading supplier of self-lifting, modular offshore rental cranes to the oil and gas industry.
  • To provide our clients with first class service.
  • To never compromise the safety or the well being of personnel and the environment.
  • To provide our clients with cost-effective offshore lifting solutions.
  • To provide our clients with equipment to meet API 2C and RP2D regulations.
  • To provide our clients with experienced personnel to carry out the work in a safe and efficient manner.
  • To provide our customers with engineering support to meet their project requirements


To Be A Global Leader In Lifting Solutions.


To Deliver Innovative Lifting Products And Services To The Oil And Gas Industry Through A Dynamic Team Of Ethically Minded People.


  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthy
  • Accountability


  • ISO 9001



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