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For the past 25 years Thunder Cranes have been passionate about two things: adding value to our client's projects and developing innovative engineering solutions to offshore lifting challenges. From portable, offshore rental cranes to customised rigging and skidding solutions, Thunder Cranes have developed the art of safe, carefully planned and timely execution. Safety and time are the most valuable commodities in the oilfield. We strive to ensure that you can have more of both, without compromising either, shortening the critical path towards your project’s successful completion.

Our fleet of offshore rental cranes, the largest in the Asia Pacific region, are designed to be versatile and adaptable, and can be installed on various types of offshore platforms and structures without the aid of an existing platform crane. Whether in support of well-intervention services, facility engineering, helideck skidding or platform decommissioning, the performance of our highly experienced personnel, together with our unique self-lifting cranes present an opportunity for clients to optimise uptime and minimise operating costs without compromising safety.

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